Stikey - Complete mounting solution for smartphones


Stikey - Complete mounting solution for smartphones

Stikey is a portable, magnetic stand for smartphones that works on portrait and landscape orientation.

Stikey tidies up your cables and prevents them from getting tangled and damaged when carrying them around.

It is designed to always be with you by easily attaching to your keys.

To use Stikey you simply attach the 0.8mm thin brushed stainless steel tab on the back of your smartphone or case with a hi tech 0.2mm thin 3M VHB adhesive tape.

Each Stikey comes with a powerful magnetic mount that you can use in your car or any flat surface in your home. Using the brushed stainless steel tab provided, you can attach your smartphone securely to the magnetic mount!

DEMO video

  Update: Stikey also works with small tablets!stikey mini tablet stand