Magnetic Mount


Magnetic Mount

The magnetic mount measures only 26mm x 35mm and 10mm thick, and yet delivers powerful magnetic attraction that ensures that you can mount your phone securely in your car.
It can also be used as a mount in your kitchen to follow a recipe hands free while cooking, in the bathroom mirror to read the news while getting ready for work, or adapt to any other use that you have.

The magnetic force is strong enough to safely mount your smartphone in your car avoiding all the bulky windscreen phone mounts.

We use a 3M VHB adhesive tape made specifically to be very strong and easy to be removed without leaving any residue or damaging the surface it is used on. In order to ensure the best adhesion, choose a flat surface and clean it with a dump cloth before applying. 

We'll throw in an extra replacement 3M tape if you decide to change the position of the mount.